Ballet Dance A Concert Dance

Another word for a Ballet is “Bally”. This dance gives the variety of the entertainment to its viewers. With its inception in 1600 century, ballet dance features the most graceful and balancing kind of the dance. This form of dance actually catches the eyes of the audiences. The inception of this dance was from France and hence, the originality of this dance is still eternal.

The form of dance is performed at the tip of the toes. This special feature makes the viewers stare at the dance and its steps without blinking their eyes. There is a rhythm of gracefulness in the style of this form of a dance. The most important feature of this dance is to keep complete balance and control at the time of performing this dance.

The gleaming special effects and beautifully designed costumes makes this dance memorable for viewers. There are various ballet dance lessons. Watching this dance on the TV or movies is also a great idea to learn a few of the steps. However, in order to become a professional ballet dancer, one has to put in lot of efforts in the learning and as well as in training process.

Men wear jackets and blouse and women decorate themselves with heavy gowns and ballet shoes. These light weight shoes made of soft leather are specially designed for ballet dancing. Ballet shoes are the most import in every ballet dance, since the dance is performed at the tip of toes. A great music accompanies this dance.

With the luminous costumes, attractive light and sound effects, the dancers steal the show. It begins with an introduction of the story and the characters of those stories are the dancers performing on the stage. This dance is one of the most dazzling and graceful admired by many people across the world.

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