Attaching Straps To Ballet Shoes

Ballet shoe manufacturers intentionally leave elastic straps without stitching for fitting every individual’s feet. Ballet shoes have great importance to the ballet dancers. You may find that these shoes are extremely comfortable and fit easily.

Fit the shoes according to the size of your feet and stitch both the straps by using thread and needle. Following are the things you need to do for attaching straps to these shoes.

Wear the shoes and tie it with the help of elastic strings, so that they give a comfortable feeling.

Place the straps over your feet. Two straps crossing over your feet may require crossing them accordingly over your feet. However, if you are having just one strap, then you may have to position it exactly at the mid of your feet. You need to ensure that the straps are tight, so that they do not become a distraction while you dance.

Mark the place where you desire to position the straps at every point where it meets the shoes.

Wear the ballet shoes and ensure that the straps are on the exact position and they are comfortable. You need to try out only a few steps of this dance form. If you are feeling uncomfortable, then try to make some changes in the shoes.

Double thread each strap and ensure that they are not loose, as it may lead to difficulty in dancing. Do not forget to tie a knot at the end of the strap.

Stitch the straps within the shoes at the position, where you have marked previously. Look forward to keep stitches small, only leave the inner lining in the shoes, so that the threads are not visible and at the same time, not give an odd look. In this manner, you can strap your ballet shoes.

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