All About Ballet Dance And Ballet Shoes

The dance form of ballet cam into existence during the Italian Renaissance in the 15th century, it is a formal performance based dance form and considered one of the olden art forms of the Italian culture.

However, the developments in the dance form were made in countries such as Russia, France and England. Since the improvements were implemented, ballet has been a dance form full of technicalities and is known to have its own speech power. Presently, the dance has achieved many audiences and people from all over the world are crazy about the art form.


Ballet dance is not an easy dance form, as it requires exact accuracy in the movements and the dance cannot be done anywhere and wearing any type of footwear. In order to learn ballet dancing, it is essential to hire a professional ballet dance instructor, this helps the learner in getting the basics of the dance form along with the suitable choreography.

The footwear used in ballet dancing is a specially designed for the particular activity. These are known as ballet shoes made from delicate leather or satin material, these shoes have a very slender sole. The material used in preparing these shoes must be perfectly flexible, as this provides ease to the dancer during the ballet dance performance. These shoes are normally of pink color in case of women dancers and white color for the men.

Ballet shoes have minimum of glam in them, as they are simple and meet the requirements at the dance floor perfectly. However, these shoes must be extremely comfortable, as the ballet movements are performed with extra efforts and the movements need perfection to get the proper response from the audiences.

The mixture of complex movements and their perfections make the ballet dance form more exciting, however to perform a successful ballet dance show, proper pair of ballet shoes are necessary.

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